Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Directed by Joe Lynch, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End details the horror that ensues after a group of reality-show contestants, and the hard-as-nails host (Henry Rollins’ Dale Murphy), are attacked by a group of inbred mountain men (and women). Director Lynch, working from a script written by Turi Meyer and Al Septien, delivers a surprisingly engaging opening stretch that seems to promise something a little more off-kilter than usual, with the reality-show angle, coupled with Rollins’ typically engaging turn, paving the way for a first act that fares quite a bit better than one might’ve anticipated – although, as becomes clear, the better-than-average atmosphere slowly-but-surely begins to dissipate as the picture progresses into its increasingly tedious and tiresome midsection. The more-of-the-same vibe is exacerbated by a selection of hopelessly one-dimensional protagonists and an emphasis on their running-and-hiding exploits, and although Lynch breaks up the monotony with occasional bursts of brutal violence, Wrong Turn 2: Dead End builds to a virtually interminable final half hour that ensures the whole thing ends on a seriously (and disappointingly) anticlimactic note – which is too bad, ultimately, given the film’s small handful of unexpectedly positive elements.

** out of ****

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