An affable, feel-good comedy, Streaker follows high-school teacher Balz Näf (Beat Schlatter) as he begins recruiting and training streakers to get out of financial trouble – with the idea being that Balz and his partner will begin taking bets on how long said streakers will last on the field before they’re caught. It’s an off-the-wall premise that’s employed to perpetually watchable effect by filmmaker Peter Luisi, as the director, working from a script cowritten with Schlatter, delivers an often irresistibly high-concept endeavor that’s brimming with agreeable, likeable attributes – with the movie’s consistently pleasant atmosphere heightened by Schlatter’s personable turn as the appealing central character and by an ongoing emphasis on appreciatively oddball segments and sequences. (There is, for example, a delightful and thoroughly wacky montage of Balz attempting to replace an arrested streaker by approaching nudists, an art-school model, etc.) It’s fairly disappointing to note, then, that Streaker is never quite able to become as raucous and over-the-top as the setup might’ve promised, as Luisi has infused the picture with an oddly subdued and deliberately-paced feel that’s at odds with the more ludicrous elements within his and Schlatter’s screenplay (although, having said that, the romantic subplot between Schlatter’s protagonist and a local police officer is admittedly quite delightful). Still, Streaker is, for the most part, an easygoing piece of work that one could easily envision getting the Hollywood-remake treatment at some point.

**1/2 out of ****

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