Set It Up

Set It Up follows overworked and stressed-out assistants Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) as they conspire to romantically entangle their respective bosses (Lucy Liu’s Kirsten and Taye Diggs’ Rick), with the narrative detailing the pair’s ongoing efforts at accomplishing their goal and, eventually, staving off their own feelings for one another. Filmmaker Claire Scanlon has infused Set It Up with a briskly-paced and pervasively lighthearted feel that proves impossible to resist, with the movie’s perpetually affable atmosphere heightened by the seriously charismatic work of its two stars – with Deutch and Powell’s personable work here going a long way towards compensating for certain deficiencies within Katie Silberman’s screenplay. It’s clear, too, that the movie benefits substantially from periodic bits of silliness that effectively enhance the watchable vibe, including a hilarious appearance by Tituss Burgess as the appropriately-named Creepy Tim and a laugh-out-loud sequence detailing Kirsten and Rick’s trapped-in-an-elevator exploits. And although the picture does suffer from a few lulls here and there (ie that 105 minute running time does the movie no favors), Set It Up ultimately (and for the most part) comes off as a refreshingly antiquated romcom that delivers exactly what it promises.

*** out of ****

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