Jurassic Park

A strong candidate for Steven Spielberg’s best film, Jurassic Park follows several figures as they’re invited to a sneak preview of an island theme park that features living, breathing dinosaurs – with problems ensuing as the deadly creatures, including a Tyrannosaurus rex and a pair of cunning Velociraptors, manage to break free from their confines. Director Steven Spielberg, working from David Koepp and Michael Crichton’s screenplay, does a superb job of immediately capturing the viewer’s interest, as the filmmaker kicks the proceedings off with a fantastic (and thoroughly engrossing) sequence revolving around the disastrous efforts at moving the Raptors. From there, Jurassic Park just grows more and more involving as it progresses – with the irresistible storyline heightened by the efforts of a seriously impressive cast of characters. In addition to solid supporting turns from folks like Samuel L. Jackson, Wayne Knight, and Martin Ferrero, the movie benefits substantially from the nigh iconic work of stars Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill – with the latter’s consistently electrifying performance standing as an obvious highlight within the proceedings. There is, of course, little doubt that Jurassic Park is at its best during its now-legendary action sequences, as such moments have been infused with a tense, palpably hypnotic feel that proves impossible to resist – with the film’s high point undoubtedly the engrossing T-Rex attack that comes fairly early on. And although it admittedly does feel a little long here and there, Jurassic Park is, ultimately, as close to a perfect big-budget popcorn movie as Spielberg has ever gotten – with the impressively timeless special effects cementing the film’s place as a justifiably unforgettable piece of work.

**** out of ****

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