A distressingly, aggressively bottom-of-the-barrel endeavor, Feral follows a group of friends as they head out into the woods for a weekend of frolicking and fun – with horror ensuing after a menacing figure makes an unwelcome, middle-of-the-night appearance. Filmmaker Mark H. Young kicks Feral off with an entirely ineffective pre-credits sequence that immediately establishes an atmosphere of incompetence, with this vibe perpetuated by a low-budget and hopelessly amateurish first half that’s exacerbated by one-dimensional protagonists and an emphasis on dimly-lit kill sequences. There’s ultimately never a point at which the viewer is invested in any of this, and it goes without saying, certainly, that the let’s-try-to-figure-this-whole-thing out midsection is as punishingly tedious and interminable as one might’ve feared. The endless and often incoherent final stretch ultimately confirms Feral‘s place as the lowest-of-the-low in terms of direct-to-streaming horror flicks, with the picture’s mostly unwatchable sensibilities sure to alienate even the most forgiving genre fan.

no stars out of ****

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