Cam follows internet camgirl Alice (Madeline Brewer) as she’s horrified to discover an exact replica of herself on her own channel, with the movie detailing the character’s ongoing and increasingly frantic efforts at shutting down her vacuous doppelganger. It’s an admittedly outrageous premise that’s employed, at the outset, to surprisingly compelling effect by director Daniel Goldhaber and scripter Isa Mazzei, as the pair deliver a fairly compelling behind-the-scenes look at the day-to-day exploits of Brewer’s ambitious protagonist – with the almost documentary-like atmosphere certainly heightened by Brewer’s ingratiating and completely believable turn as the affable Alice. The initial appearance of the aforementioned double, at around the half hour mark, immediately transforms Cam into an entirely different experience, to be sure, and while the mystery is fairly interesting for a while, there does reach a point at which Alice’s investigation starts to become a little tedious (ie it just becomes repetitive, eventually). By the time the somewhat unsatisfying finale rolls around, Cam has confirmed its place as a decent yet half-baked thriller that probably would’ve worked better as a short.

**1/2 out of ****

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