Quite possibly the worst comic book movie ever made, Aquaman follows Jason Momoa’s title character as he reluctantly embarks on a quest to stop his half-brother (Patrick Wilson’s King Orm) from launching an all-out war against humanity. Filmmaker James Wan kicks the proceedings off with an eye-rollingly slick action sequence that immediately establishes an atmosphere of over-the-top cartoonishness, which ensures that Aquaman is, for much of its interminable running time, the cinematic equivalent of watching somebody else play a very loud video game for hours on end – with the movie’s sheen of pervasive artificiality preventing the viewer from connecting to anyone or anything within the busy narrative. (It’s too bad, ultimately, given that Momoa delivers an undeniably and exceedingly charming performance that belongs in a much, much better film.) The uninvolving vibe goes from bad to worse as Aquaman progresses into its often aggressively convoluted and thoroughly tedious midsection, as Wan, working from David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and Will Beall’s far-from-streamlined screenplay, delivers a CGI-heavy second act that’s rife with impossibly unconvincing action set-pieces that are, to put it mildly, headache-inducing and seemingly endless. And although Wan has peppered the picture with a very small handful of passable sequences (eg two characters are reunited in an exceedingly rare low-key and down-to-earth interlude), Aquaman predominantly comes off as bottom-of-the-barrel endeavor that feels far longer than its already-absurd 143 minutes.

no stars out of ****


  1. You’re on crack

  2. Mateus Henrique Silva Gouveia February 6, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    you’re a troll, I do not know what you call criticism, I do not know how Rotten lets that shit come to the site.

  3. This review is garbage. It’s like you didn’t even watch the film

  4. Aquaman was a good film with the typical script issues you praise marvel films for having. I honestly don’t know how you’re Rotten Tomatoes approved. You’re a fraud

  5. Carlos D. Montemayor February 7, 2019 at 10:28 am

    I’m reporting you. As a researcher and published writer, I see no critical analysis here, and you should NOT be Rotten Tomatoes approved. Being Rotten Tomatoes approved is to mean your writing is of a certain level above the average reviewer, and you clearly have no more skill in writing critical analysis of film than that of a first year student in a new subject.

  6. Seriously! You must be on some kind of bad crack. I really don’t think you know anything about what a great movie this is and how it should’ve been written. If there’s more movie written like this one I wouldn’t mind going to the movies every day. It’s gotten so bad with all the past action movies that I have stop going to the movie theaters completely for a very long time til today. This movie did NOT Disappoint me whatsoever.

  7. Fake review. But RottenTomatoes is fake too. They play games to hold some scores down and boost some scores…until the domestic run is finished.

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