And So It Goes

And So It Goes casts Michael Douglas as Oren Little, a cranky real-estate agent whose misanthropic ways fall by the wayside after he’s forced to care for his young grandson. (Diane Keaton costars as Oren’s friendly yet lonely neighbor.) It’s a familiar premise that’s employed to a thoroughly (and distressingly) uninvolving extent by filmmaker Rob Reiner, with the movie suffering from a consistently bland feel that’s compounded by an almost oppressively languid execution. There is, from start to finish, simply nothing here designed to wholeheartedly lure the viewer into the proceedings, as scripter Mark Andrus, who is seriously treading the same ground as his breakthrough, 1997’s As Good as It Gets, offers up a pedestrian narrative that remains both predictable and uninvolving at virtually every turn – with the above-average efforts of the movie’s cast ultimately the only thing here staving off one’s complete boredom. And So It Goes‘ myriad of problems are exacerbated by a hopeless lack of standout sequences, as the film remains pitched at a level of excessive mediocrity right through to its feel-good (yet unconvincing and unearned) conclusion. The end result is a movie that’s essentially the cinematic equivalent of easy-listening music, with the relentlessly underwhelming atmosphere finally canceling out And So It Goes‘ few positive attributes.

*1/2 out of ****

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