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The Wild Things Series

Wild Things

Wild Things 2

Wild Things 3 (April 13/05)

Wild Things 3 is the sort of film that delivers exactly what it promises: nudity, rampant sleaziness, and a plethora of twists and turns. As a result, the movie is actually pretty entertaining - albeit in an entirely forgettable, trashy kind of way. In fact, that trashiness seems to be the only link to the original Wild Things - although there is a recurring character from the first sequel, a detective named Morrison (played by Linden Ashby). Of course, as with the first movie, Wild Things 3 almost requires the viewer to have as little foreknowledge of the plot as possible (one of the most enjoyable aspects of the film is trying to figure out who's double-crossing who). The basic storyline revolves around a rich girl named Marie (Sarah Laine), who is battling with her obnoxious stepfather (Brad Johnson) over a pair of extremely valuable diamonds. Said stepfather has problems of his own, as he's just been accused of rape by Elena (Sandra McCoy), a student at Sarah's school. Hot on the case is the aforementioned Detective Morrison, along with a Juvenile Department of Corrections officer named Kirsten Richards (Dina Meyer). Wild Things 3's screenplay, written by Andy Hurst and Ross Helford, is peppered with an appropriate amount of silliness and over-the-top shenanigans (the first cat fight occurs moments after the opening credits have rolled, if that's any indication). With a film like this, it would be pointless to expect anything more than extreme sordidness - and on that level, Wild Things 3 delivers. That it adheres quite closely to the style and tone of the original Wild Things isn't too surprising, given the sort of cult following the film seems to have developed over the years. Though it can't quite compete in terms of sheer star power (as nice as it is to see Brad Johnson in something other than a Left Behind flick, he's still no Kevin Bacon, Bill Murray, or even Matt Dillon), Wild Things 3 does feature many similar elements (ie superfluous sex scenes, broad performances, campy dialogue, etc) - enough, at least, to please fans of this ongoing series.

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Wild Things: Foursome (June 2/10)

This latest entry in the ongoing Wild Things series follows spoiled trust-fund layabout Carson Wheetly (Ashley Parker Angel) as he conspires to get his hands on his dead father's incredible fortune, with his efforts inevitably complicated by a trio of meddling/complicit women (Jillian Murray's Brandi, Jessie Nickson's Linda Dobson, and Marnette Patterson's Rachel) and a tenacious detective (John Schneider's Frank Walker). Though the film contains many of the elements associated with the Wild Things brand - ie double-crosses, gratuitous sex, outlandish twists, etc - Wild Things: Foursome primarily comes off as a surprisingly tedious endeavor that boasts so many similarities to its 1998 predecessor that it often feels like a remake (with the revelation at the movie's half hour point certainly the most trenchant example of this). It's consequently not surprising to note that most viewers will have few problems in figuring exactly out where all this is going (and who is betraying whom), and although the film suffers from a pervasively low-rent atmosphere that's reflected in everything from the flat visuals to the bland performances, the ongoing emphasis on sleaze ensures that Wild Things: Foursome never quite becomes the all-out bore one might've expected.

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About the DVD: Wild Things 3 (or Wild Things: Diamonds in the Rough, as it's called on the packaging) and Wild Things: Foursome arrive on DVD courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, armed with bonus trailers and letterboxed transfers.

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