Now You See Me (2013)

Now You See Me, an action-packed thriller directed by Louis Leterrier. This film was the one that started Leterrier’s directorial career, and it also put Jason Statham on the map as an action icon. And while its director went on to lead smash hits like Clash of the Titans and The Incredible Hulk, Now You See Me still remains one of his most iconic creations to date.

Now You See Me is light-hearted and entertaining while remaining substantial and heavily focussed on style. The movie is filled to the brim with the razzle-dazzle of the illusionist industry, which is only enhanced by its team of bank-robbing experts.

The camerawork and storyline come off as slick, tongue-in-cheek and visually stunning, with plenty of CGI trick shots in there to add interest.

The fun begins with an introduction to the four main leads. Jesse Eisenberg and Isla Fisher play a charismatic street magician and his estranged former assistant. Next up is Woody Harrelson, who gives a convincing performance as a once-renowned mentalist who has now been relegated to using hypnosis and cold reading to earn a few sly bucks.

Finally is Dave Franco’s pickpocketing artist character. As the story starts, all of them are slipped a Tarot card with a date and an address by a mysterious hooded stranger.

A year later in Vegas, the squad now perform as a headlining act: the Four Horsemen. For their pierce de resistance, they pull off a complex illusion involving the transportation of an audience member into the vault of his own bank.

While successful, they are questioned by the FBI the next day over the robbing of that same spectator’s account. The Feds, including Mark Ruffalo, are convinced that the tricksters are involved – but they simply can’t figure out how. They stay a few steps behind the Horsemen the entire way.

Even Morgan Freeman makes an appearance as a wily ex-magician who made a mint revealing the tricks behind popular illusions.

His performance will captivate anyone who watches Now You See Me, especially since he also becomes a de-facto narrator in a clever but reserved use of his screen time.

Of course, the secrets behind the bank heist are eventually revealed, and they certainly aren’t a product of magic alone. Each step of the plot is revealed in an outlandishly entertaining way, from the Horsemen’s methods (think hypnosis, doubles, giant mirrors, holograms and flash paper) to how they carried them out with perfect precision.

Now You See Me’s ridiculousness is also a big part of its appeal. In a flashy, disposable Vegas style, the movie manages to escalate the unbelievability of its premise with taste as the team embarks on ever-more-complicated heists.

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The story begins as a simple tale of four magicians robbing a bank, but quickly turns into a memorable mix of vendettas, secret identities and grand conspiracies with an intriguing occult undertone.

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