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Five Video Games That Should Be Turned into Movies

The makers of movies have been struggling to come up with original ideas and many movies are
being based on comics, books, and games.

There are some games that seem to have been overlooked, but are full of movie making potential,
here are a few of our most promising candidates.

Dead Island

Dead Island is a survival horror-based game that takes place on an island called Banoi, a tropical
holiday destination north of Australia. The island has become more modern due to a growing
tourism industry and is famous for its high roller attracting five-star luxury resort.

After a heavy night out, the main characters find that the population of Banoi have been infected by
a contagious disease that is turning them into zombies.

Weapons of choice range from blunt axes to high-powered rifles, and highlights include a possible
nuclear strike that will destroy the entire island, a vaccine thief, and love lost to the zombie plague.

They should have stayed in and played pokies online instead, it is much safer.

Red Dead Redemption

Hollywood has been a bit selfish with its westerns as of late, so a western movie based on the game
Red Dead Redemption could go a long way to redeeming them.

Set in the American Frontier in 1911, the government takes a former outlaws wife and son hostage
to force him to work with them.

His mission is to bring his former business associates to book. Gun fights on horseback, bandits,
abandoned towns, and public hangings give this game everything required by a good western recipe.

Grand Theft Auto

American based organised crime, a high budget movie version of this popular game is guaranteed to
have fans lining up to watch.

A criminal whose goal it is to move up through the ranks of his favourite gang is given multiple
missions by the Big Bosses, so he can progress through the American mob underworld. The movie would include some awesome streetcar races, assassinations, and street fights and the main
character could change his ways in the end or get taken out by his good cop nemesis.


Infamous has the potential to become the next ‘guy next door turns world saving super hero’ movie.
Based on the life of a bike messenger who is stuck in a city block wide explosion, he finds himself
with electrical super powers.

The lead character goes about righting wrongs and restoring order to his hometown, but evil tempts
him repeatedly, in the hopes that he will use his powers for evil and therefor cross over to the dark

Due to his electric charge, the lead cannot drive vehicles or use conventional weapons, which leaves
lots of room for some extra creative thinking from the producers.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Just seeing the landscape in which this fantasy game is based on the big screen would make
producing it worth it.

Aloy, the lead character sets off into her post apocalyptic world, which is over run by massive
mechanical monsters.

The ‘Old World’ was destroyed 1000 years before by rogue peacekeeper robots that stripped Earth
of life.

Her mission is to discover what happened and set in motion the events that will restore earth and its
people to their former strength.

© David Nusair