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Tiger: The Authorized DVD Collection (December 18/04)

Tiger: The Authorized DVD Collection contains three feature-length documentaries on golfing superstar Tiger Woods. Though they are occasionally geared more towards viewers with some knowledge of the sport (what the heck is a "birdie," anyway?), there's no denying that the films offer up everything you might have wanted to know about Woods (and then some).

The first disc's documentary is entitled Tiger's Prowl: His Life and essentially covers Woods' climb from child golfer to world champion. Through interviews with Woods' parents, coaches, and even the man himself, we get a fairly detailed idea of what his childhood was like. The documentary also incorporates footage from news and other sources, including Woods' appearance on The Mike Douglas Show alongside Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart. But at a running time of around 85-minutes, there's just not enough material to keep things interesting throughout. It's clear that certain segments have been designed to appeal solely to golf enthusiasts, particularly once the film begins exploring the minutia of Woods' technique. Still, as a primer on Woods and the hype surrounding him, there's no denying that Tiger's Prowl: His Life gets the job done.

Next up is Tiger's Prey: His Majors, which documents Woods' various successes on the golf circuit. Every one of his major battles is covered here, and there's a certain amount of suspense and excitement to be found in most of them - particularly if the viewer isn't familiar with the outcome. The documentary augments the actual footage from the games with interviews featuring Woods himself, along with his family and supporters. As a result, we get a very in-depth perspective regarding what it really means to vie for such a competitive and elusive prize.

The final disc in the set is entitled Tiger's Prints: His Legacy, and this is easily the most disposable installment. Running 65-minutes, the majority of this documentary features various celebrities and notable golf figures commenting on how great Woods is and how his presence has impacted the game. Having legends like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer talk about Woods' amazing ability is one thing, but Celine Dion? Does anybody care what Celine Dion thinks about Tiger Woods? Highly unlikely.

Tiger: The Authorized DVD Collection is a mixed bag that will probably be most enjoyed by fans of the golfer. For viewers that are simply looking for an introduction to the whole Tiger Woods phenomenon, the first disc in the set is really the only one that needs to be viewed.


About the DVDs: As if these three documentaries weren't enough, Tiger: The Authorized DVD Collection also comes with an astounding amount of supplemental features. Each disc includes a wealth of bonus footage, including advice from Woods on how to improve one's golf game and more interviews with Woods and the various other participants seen in the individual films. The discs also include chronologies, photo galleries, and even a pair of Woods' commercials for American Express. All in all, this is a great package that's easily worth a recommendation for golf enthusiasts.
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