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It's a Small World of Fun & Funny Factory

It's a Small World of Fun: Volume 1 (May 13/06)

This volume of It's a Small World of Fun! collects seven Disney shorts with an international feel, including: The Flying Gauchito (a young boy encounters a donkey with wings), In Dutch (Pluto attempts to woo a fellow hound in Holland), Goliath II (a meek elephant discovers his inner strength after stumbling upon a mean mouse), Mickey Down Under (Mickey and Pluto must contend with an angry ostrich in Australia), African Diary (Goofy attempts to hunt various African game), A Cowboy Needs a Horse (a young boy imagines himself as a sheriff in the Old West), and Grievance of a Starmaker (a Japanese short that's never before been seen in North America, although it's been dubbed into English).

It's a Small World of Fun: Volume 2 (May 13/06)

Volume 2 collects an additional six Disney shorts, including: Pedro (a young airplane named Pedro must make a perilous journey over the Andes Mountains), The Olympic Champ (set in Greece, the short follows Goofy as he bumbles his way through the Olympic Games), Peter and the Wolf (a Russian boy heads out into the wilderness to hunt a feared beast), Brave Little Tailor (Mickey is assigned the seemingly impossible task of killing an enormous giant), Crazy with the Heat (Donald and Goofy begin to hallucinate after running out of gas in the middle of the desert), and Susie, the Little Blue Coupe (a loyal car finds herself traded in for a newer model).

It's a Small World of Fun: Volume 3 (February 21/07)

The third volume in this ongoing series collects six more Disney shorts, including: Johnny Appleseed (a straight, entirely uncomedic retelling of the Johnny Appleseed myth), Pueblo Pluto (in which Pluto must extricate himself from a sticky situation involving a cactus and a small dog), Tiger Trouble (Goofy is forced to square off against a mischievous tiger), The Fox Hunt (Donald and Goofy attempt to outsmart a slippery fox), Alpine Climbers (Donald, Mickey, and Pluto encounter various problems whilst climbing the famed Alps), and Hello Aloha (Goofy decides to leave the rat race behind in favor of a new life in Hawaii, but soon runs afoul of some nasty natives).

It's a Small World of Fun: Volume 4 (February 21/07)

Volume five assembles five Disney shorts with an international feel, including: The Reluctant Dragon (a 20-minute short in which a small town must contend with the sudden appearance of a dragon), Polar Trappers (in which Donald and Goofy are on the hunt for various creatures up North), The Goddess of Spring (Hades abducts spring goddess Persephone and attempts to make her his bride), For Whom the Bulls Toil (Goofy attains the reputation of a legendary matador and must subsequently battle the most fearsome bull in all of Mexico), and The Little House (the ups and downs of a small house in a booming town).

Funny Factory with Goofy (November 25/06)

Funny Factory with Goofy collects seven of the clumsy oaf's misadventures, including: Goofy and Wilbur (in which Goofy heads out on a fishing trip with buddy Wilbur, a grasshopper who finds himself the target of hungry fish), Clock Cleaners (Goofy, along with Mickey and Donald, attempts to clean an oversized clock), Goofy's Glider (Goofy clumsily tries to take flight with a glider), Man's Best Friend (which revolves around the mayhem that ensues after Goofy buys a large guard dog named Bowser), Father's Week-end (Goofy must contend with the mischievous antics of his trouble-making son), Father's Lion (Goofy and his son are confronted with a lion whilst on a camping trip), and Aquamania (Goofy inadvertently enters a water skiing competition).

Funny Factory with Huey, Dewey & Louie (November 28/06)

Funny Factory with Huey, Dewey & Louie compiles eight cartoons revolving around the trio's mischievous antics, including: Donald's Nephews (in which Donald must contend with the sudden appearance of his three trouble-making nephews), Straight Shooters (Huey, Dewey & Louie outsmart their uncle after he tries to con them out of their cash), Sea Scouts (Donald teaches his nephews how to survive on the high seas), Donald's Day Off (Donald's relaxing day off is ruined by a thunderstorm and his nephews), Lion Around (Huey, Dewey & Louie disguise themselves as a lion and steal Donald's pies), Soup's On (the boys successfully convince Donald that he died after tumbling off a cliff), Don's Fountain of Youth (Donald pretends that he's a baby), and Lucky Number (Donald wins a car in a raffle).

About the DVDs: Buena Vista Home Entertainment presents each short with a surprisingly crisp transfer, though bonus features are limited to a series of Disney Sneak Peeks.
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