Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Fearsome purple intergalactic warlord Thanos is planning to unite the six Infinity Stones in his Infinity Gauntlet to seize control of half of the known universe. However, Marvel’s Avengers are right there to step in and attempt to stop his nefarious plans. Can they succeed, or is this the end of the MCU as we know it…?

Marvel has certainly stepped up its game for the first part of Infinity War, promoting it as the ‘endgame’ of a trio of MCU phases.

The film promises earth-shattering consequences for all its characters, ending with the second part of Infinity War that will hit theatres soon. In the meantime, Avengers: Infinity War managed to attract just as much fanfare and hype as it deserved – which was a hefty amount in any critic’s eyes. If you need action equivalent to the best online pokies Australia has to offer, you’ll find it here!

The movie, directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, opens straight into the heart of an operatic drama that jolt viewers out of any comforts that they may have harboured. Ebony Maw (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) and Proxima Midnight (Carrie Coon) are instantly detestable, and are also strong and formidable enough to pose a believable threat to the Avengers and the future of their team.

This flick does not beat around the bush by any means. Expect heart-wrenching tragedy, cold-blooded murder, and brave self-sacrifice as Thanos (Josh Brolin) steals the screen in a compelling but chilling performance. The warlord is angered, but his clear thought process and dedication to his perceived solution is so rational that you might feel utterly conflicted about whose side you are really on. Well, almost.

There to save the day are the physically scattered Avengers, who are strewn across the galaxy between the remainder of the Avengers themselves, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and a handful of refugee Asgardians too.

As the plot weaves itself further forward, unlikely pairings of Avengers meet, fight, and work it out in order to join forces and try their best to rescue the universe.

Flirting, fighting, extremely heavy weaponry and Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) slowly losing his ego all feature to keep things interesting on a more personal level, while Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and Iron Man’s (Robert Downey Jnr.) monumental clash is a sight to behold.

Additionally, with the innocent Peter Parker (Tom Holland) thrown into the mix, these combos of heroes and their combined energies are all as unexpected as they are successful. The cast’s charisma and chemistry carry the story exceptionally well, capturing the audience’s emotions in virtually every scene.

All of the Avengers in Infinity War are tested on an individual level too. The Hulk (played by Mark Ruffalo) encounters obstacles he can’t smash out of the way, and Captain America (Chris Evans) must grapple with his own version of a living nightmare.

Thanos stirs things up by constantly using the heroes’ mutual bonds against them, all while trying to use the Infinity Gauntlet to assume control of one half of the universe and sacrifice the other. The question is: will he succeed?

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